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There is an acute shortage of skilled workers and trainees in many craft enterprises, in some cases threatening their existence.

According to a survey by the WKO
of the companies have felt the shortage of skilled workers very strongly
of businesses have had vacancies unfilled for more than 6 months
of the enterprises have spent more time looking for personnel
of the companies have felt more strain due to the lack of skilled workers


The lifestyles of applicants (m/f/x) now differ significantly from those of employers.

Job advertisements can still be found in daily newspapers or as PDF files on one of the numerous online platforms.

The younger generation, however, moves in the social media world of their smartphones.

Consequently, there is no longer the possibility to get to know each other.

The enormous time and effort companies spent on recruiting personnel fizzles out without any effect.


We transfer outdated processes in personnel and job search into the digital age.

Expensive application documents as well as time-consuming and needless interviews become redundant.

We reach out to and approach applicants (m/f/x) in their social media world with video job ads and video applications.

Completely free of charge for applicants (m/f/x) and minimal costs for employers.

my-craft-job startet am 31. März

We started!


Your way to a perfect job advertisement

1. Registration

By filling in an input field with the company name, the job title and a short description.

2. Photos

Upload up to five photos that present your company or the future workplace and make potential applicants curious to learn more.

3. Videos

Present yourself or the work processes in your company in a video, which may be up to 60 seconds long.

video examples
4. Requirements

Briefly set out the compulsory minimum requirements that your applicants (m/f/x) have to meet.

5. Remarks

You can enter miscellaneous remarks to the potential applicants (m/f/x).

6. Start of employment

Specify the date on which the employment relationship is to start.

7. Wage / salary

Provide information about the wage/salary for the job in your job advertisement.

Goal achieved!

This way you can create a promising job ad in less than five minutes.

Start now!


The processes on the applicant side

1. Registration

Here, it is sufficient for applicants (m/f/x) to enter a nickname, the postcode of the place of residence and the year of birth.

2. Photos

Applicants (m/f/x) can upload up to five pictures of themselves or their last certificate etc. in seconds.

3. Videos

Applicants (m/f/x) have to introduce themselves in a video. The length can be up to 60 seconds.

video examples
4. Requirements

Applicants (m/f/x) have to confirm that they meet the minimum requirements of the employer.

5. Remarks

Applicants (m/f/x) may enter personal remarks or requests.

6. Start of employment

Applicants (m/f/x) enter the date on which the employment relationship can begin.

7. Wage / salary

Applicants (m/f/x) can state their wage or salary expectations.

Goal achieved!

This way, applicants (m/f/x) can send several applications at once in just a few minutes, free of charge.

Let's go!


With passion and full commitment

Advisory board

The craft, right in the middle of it!